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If you are suffering with pain and disease or if you are searching for a lifetime of preventative wellness care, you are in the right place. As a HEALTH CENTER OF THE FUTURE office located in Morrisville, NC, we offer nutrition-based chiropractic, family wellness chiropractic, sports chiropractic, specialized nutritional/toxicity testing and consultation, safe and effective detoxification, massage, weight loss resistance programs, Build-Your-Body-Bootcamps, acupuncture and addiction recovery. It is our true hope that you will find the depth of healing you have been looking for here at our Wellness Studio and Rejuvenation Center. Begin your journey to a better quality of life today!

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Your Morrisville chiropractor also serves the surrounding communities including - surrounding cities and other communities local to our office.

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admin | April, Thursday, 26th, 2012, at 1:19 pm

Water is our Body’s Lifeblood

Water is our Body’s Lifeblood

The human body can last weeks without food, but only days without water. The body is made up of approximately 55 to75 per cent water. Water forms the basis of blood, digestive juices, urine and perspiration and is contained in lean muscle, fat and bones.

As the body can’t store water, we need fresh supplies every day to make up for losses from lungs, skin, urine and feces. Water is needed to maintain the health and integrity of every cell...

admin | April, Monday, 23rd, 2012, at 2:48 pm

Superfoods for Super Skin

It’s been said we are what we eat, and that sentiment definitely holds true when it comes to our skin.  It’s our body’s biggest organ, and it deserves all the nutritional TLC we can give it. So take a look at what you’ve been feeding yourself, and therefore feeding your skin.

One the most important components of skin health is vitamin A, and probably one of the best sources of it is low-fat dairy products. It could be said the health...


“My 9 month old daughter had ear infections, one after another and the doctors just wanted to put tubes in her ears. My friend referred me to Dr. Puja and I am so happy to report that my daughter never had another ear infection and it’s been 2 years!”

.

“I don’t remember the last time in my life that I have felt this fantastic! I’ve even lost 3 dress sizes and have more energy than people half my age!”

.

“When I first started seeing Dr. Puja, I suffered from horrible headaches that really affected my life and now they are gone!!”

.

“Dr. Puja, is one of the finest chiropractors I have ever used.
Her dedication, knowledge, gentle manner is to her credit. I was only sad to move out of state and not be able to see her on a regular basis.”

.

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Circulation problems can be felt in a number of ways.  Some...

Superfoods that Help Heartburn

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